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Clinical Bioinformatics

BIO390 UZH HS22 - Introduction to Bioinformatics
08:00-09:45 @ UZH Irchel Y03-G-85

Valerie Barbie (Director SIB Clinical Bioinformatics)

Medical practice is undergoing a revolution around personalized health: this major change is driven by the continuous development of cost-effective high-throughput technologies that produce gigantic quantities of data in numerous areas, from imaging to genomics, and of the corresponding tools required to process these data.

The clinical use of the data raises novel technical, analytical, ethical, technological and educational challenges for both clinicians and scientists. There is a need to bridge the gap between current medical practices and the fruits of technology, and to convert them into clinically relevant knowledge.

Some of the major challenges around those new technologies and their implementation in clinical practice will be discussed and exemplified with concrete ongoing projects with the medical realm.