Open science: improving your research workflow to increase transparency and reproducibilitys

Two-day workshop for graduate students in Neuchatel

  • December 7-8 2023, University of Neuch√Ętel, Chemistry building, room GE14
  • Organizer: Dr Dominique Roche, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

Abstract This two-day workshop will teach graduate student how to adopt open science practices to promote transparency and reproducibility in research. The first day of the workshop will consist of 5 lectures by invited speakers on topics including the replication crisis in science and the benefits of open science practices, publication bias and measures to counter it, statistical misconceptions and best practices, common mistakes in study design and reporting, and open data and code.

These lectures will be followed by and a round table discussion where students ask questions to the panel of speakers. The second day of the workshop will be devoted to hands-on, practical sessions for students to put into practice the concepts presented in day 1, including how to use the Open Science Framework ( and how to create reproducible workflows using Rstudio and GitHub.