Multi-omics studies of cancer signalling and immune infiltration

Zurich Seminars in Bioinformatics - Pedro Beltrao

  • 12:15 UZH Irchel Y55-l-06/08 and ZOOM Call

Abstract Genetic alterations in cancer cells trigger oncogenic transformation, a process largely mediated by the dysregulation of kinase and transcription factor (TF) activities. While the mutational profiles of thousands of tumours have been extensively characterised, the measurements of protein activities have been technically limited until recently. We compiled public data of matched genomics and (phospho)proteomics measurements for 1,110 tumours that we used to estimate activity changes in 218 kinases and 292 TFs.

Here, I will present some of our work in studying these changes in signalling across tumour samples. We have also taken advantage of large compendiums of gene expression cancer datasets to study the genetic determinants of immune infiltration. I will present some work on copy-number based prediction of genes impacting on the immune response to cancer. Overall, our studies highlight how assocation methods applied to cancer genomics dataset can make use of cancer dysregulation to study human cell biology.