Copy number variation data calibration towards intgerative analysis in cancer

Zurich Seminars in Bioinformatics - Hangjia Zhao

  • 12:15 UZH Irchel Y55-l-06/08 and ZOOM Call

Abstract Genomic instability is common in human cancer. As a form of genomic instability, copy number variations (CNV) play an important role in cancer development. Elucidating the relationship between CNV and cancer evolvement can improve the understanding of the pathogenetic mechanism of cancer.

Progenetix, the largest open resource for curated cancer genome profiling data with focus on CNV, empowers the integrative analyses in study of CNV. In the current CNV data analysis, interpretation of heterogenous CNV segment profiles is challenging because of different signal and noise levels across samples. In this talk, I will introduce Progenetix and its API. Moreover, i will present results from my investigation on the CNV data calibration for imporving segment profile annotation.