HackyHour Zurich - data analysis made social

ZH Seminars Bioinformatics - Nils Eling

  • 12:15, Y34-J-01, UZH Irchel campus

Abstract HackyHour is an internationally recognized effort to form local communities of students and researchers and offer a space to discuss ideas, problems and new tools related to scientific data analysis. Key features of such a recurring event are the social and informal setting, an inclusive environment inviting beginners and experts and an interactive exchange of computational knowledge. Commonly, each HackyHour event has a certain topic such as ‘How to use Github’, ‘Reproducible research in R/python’, ‘Deep learning and its applications’, etc… where people discuss/present their own research or newest tips and tricks. However, topics can quickly change depending on demand and interest.

We will present current plans to set up HackyHour Zurich, a biweekly or monthly after-work gathering of researchers from UZH and potentially other universities/institutes. This social event will allow researchers that are new to computational data analysis to ask questions regarding their work. Furthermore, it also offers a platform for experts to discuss new tools and computational approaches that might benefit the broader community. We are now actively looking for feedback and researchers that like the concept and want to get involved.