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Novel in silico methods to unveil DNA methylation heterogeneity in cohorts, tissues and cells

UZH DMMD Seminar

Izaskun Mallon

  • Tuesday, 2019-04-16
  • 14:00 in Y15-G-40, UZH Irchel campus

Abstract Epigenomics modulates cell development and function, and its alterations capture and mediate functional properties of cells, tissues and states, including differentiation and disease. From all epigenomics marks, DNA methylation can be measured reliably in almost any sample type, including clinical specimens. Despite of the abundant literature reporting the effect of alterations in mean DNA methylation to disrupted gene regulation in disease, approaches to dissect swifts on DNA methylation variability are sparse, opening a novel and promising field to further elucidate epigenomic plasticity. Here we will discuss the current state of the field, and will present preliminary data on novel approaches to dissect sources of DNA methylation variability at different levels of granularity, from cohort-level co-methylations to multi-omics single-cells.


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