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Components of the Semantic web

BIO390 UZH HS22 - Introduction to Bioinformatics
08:00-09:45 @ UZH Irchel Y03-G-85

Ahmad Aghaebrahimian (ZHAW)

(... to be confirmed ...)

Biomedical science is rich in structured and unstructured textual data including but not limited to hundreds of ontologies as well as millions of scientific publications. Semantic web and its stack of standards provide an efficient way for organizing knowledge extracted from such huge volume of data. Modeling data in knowledge graphs makes complex question answering and reasoning over abundance of information manageable and feasible. In this session we will find out how.

Objective of the session:

learning about:

  • Semantic web and its benefits
  • The stack of standards in semantic web and their functions
  • RDF for modeling data
  • OWL/OBO for modeling a biomedical domain
  • Querying knowledge graphs for answering biomedical questions