ZH Seminars Bioinformatics - Tom Ashhurst

Sydney Cytometry Facility, The University of Sydney and Centenary Institute

High-dimensional flow mass cytometry with Imaging Mass Cytometry in WNV and ZIKV encephalitis

Abstract West Nile virus (WNV) and Zika virus (ZIKV) are responsible for central nervous system (CNS) diseases including encephalitis, Guillian-Barré syndrome and congenital neurological abnormalities in the developing fetus. A successful immune response must carefully balance pathogen elimination against destruction of the host’s CNS. To study these diseases in detail, we analyzed the cellular composition of virally infected mice tissue by high-dimensional flow (30-parameter) and mass (47-parameter) cytometry along with Imaging Mass Cytometry™ and characterized and contrasted the evolving immune response over time. These approaches elucidate critical mediators of immunity and disease in WNV and ZIKV encephalitis and establish a methodology for determining the factors driving pathogenesis.

@mbaudis 2019-10-02
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