Nicola Zamboni Bernd Bodenmiller Leonhard Held Ruedi Stoop Andreas Wagner Christoph Zollikofer Gunnar Raetsch Amedeo Caflisch Christian Ahrens Mark Robinson Hubert Rehrauer Niko Beerenwinkel Constance Ciaudo Christian von Mering Joachim M. Buhmann Maria Anisimova Joerg Stelling Tuncay Baubec Petros Koumoutsakos Lucas Pelkmans Otto X. Cordero Richard Hahnloser Michael Baudis Ralph Schlapbach Manfred Claassen Christof Aegerter Peter Buehlmann Kentaro K. Shimizu Gaston Gonnet ETHZ FGCZ ZHAW INI UZH
The connection example shown here represent the data used for the Computational Biology in Zurich website.
Nodes File
tab-delimited file with collaborators / nodes (example)
Connections File optional tab-delimited file with connections (example); if none is provided, any-to-any connections will be created
Background Color
Text Color
default white / black
Image Height
Circle Radius
image height and circle radius in px
Legend Width
image legend width; added to the "height" value for total width (use -1 to avoid a legend)
Font Size (nodes)
Font Size (legend)
main font size, in px
Image Type
standard SVG; option "PNG" (no links)

You can directly call the image by [clicking here] or by using the embed code below.

This circos inspired tool is intended for the easy depiction of many-to-many connections, e.g. between members of scientific collaborations. Two files are required (see the examples); if you don't have access to your own server, you just may put them on a "cloud" server and use the share links (tested with Dropbox).

Feel free to use the data and tools for academic research projects and other applications. If more support and/or custom analysis is needed, please contact Michael Baudis regarding a collaborative project.